Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whoa. I am so blessed.

Ok, so while my pictures are loading, this week I´ll be able to write in peace. But what a week it has been! And how cool is it now that missionaries can write to family AND friends. Pretty dang shnazzy and convenient cause.....well....time to move on from physical hand written letters. I mean.....we live in 2013 :) Only two more years until we have flying cars according to "Back to the Future."

So, first of all. GENERAL CONFERENCE. As a missionary, you realize why in the heck didn't you pay attention to General Conference before. It´s like watching the Super Bowl, World Series, and the World Cup all at the same time, but even better. haha. This General Conference was pretty great. I forgot to bring my notes from my journal to share what I wrote so I´m kind of going off memory. But I really enjoyed the talk given by Sister Dalton in the first session because of the story she shared about her husband placing the carpet underneath the pulpit after she vaccumed, and vaccumed, and vaccumed.....also, I really enjoyed Elder Eyring´s talk about the story in the New Testament after Christ resurrected from the tomb and appeared to two disciples. Basically, at the end of the talk he said that he´s seen Christ just as those two disciples saw him and I felt the spirit testify so strongly to my heart that he really is a living apostle of God. Well, my mind is racing, and my memory short so I´m having trouble remembering all that I felt without my notes was an incredible weekend.

Also, on Monday we had TRANSFERS. And wow. I stay behind in Floresta while Elder Apagueno was transferred to another area just a few blocks away, but in a different zone within Villa El Salvador. And guess what? I´ve been paired up with my former zone leader, Elder Gutierrez! I know what you think.....I´m a zone leader! WRONG. NOPE. Just a normal co-companion as before. The mission president apparently had a strong, tearful spiritual confirmation that he should pair us up together as companions. Even though this is Elder Gutierrez´s last transfer before he goes home, he´s finishing off as a co-companion with me! But how incredibly grateful I am! Elder Gutierrez is an incredible missionary. Super obedient, smart, hard working, spiritual, etc. and he´s from Guayaquil, Ecuador! I feel like I´ve been liberated to reach new heights and learn so much from a missionary who has a lot to teach me!

These past couple days we´ve been doing a LOT of street contacting, something which I haven´t really done too much with my former companions.It´s been a lot of good, hard work and the past two nights I´ve been so tired it seems like I´ve fallen asleep before laying my head on my pillow. But we both think a lot the same in the way we act and teach with the investigators, although the spiritual connection is a little more refined and experienced on Elder Gutierrez´s part. But in the last week we had some trouble with a few investogators with baptismal dates, but this week we going to make a big push to get them back on track with what matters most in their lives. 

One investigator, Regina, has her baptismal date set for the 27th of this month. She was literally so darn prepared for the gospel. Before inviting her to baptism, we showed a three minute video of Christ´s baptism and right after without hesitating she said, "Is that how you´re going to baptize me? And what day can I be baptized?!". She´s an older women about age 60 that lives with her grandson and her husband. Although there are a lot of problems in her home, she tells us every time that she doesn´t cry anymore ever since she started listening to us. She´s found peace, happiness, and calm. Her husband has even stopped drinking as much, and her grandson loves coming and participating in the primary. Regina also came to both sessions of conference last Sunday and absolutely loved it. But that´s just what this gospel does. It makes people happy. And that an absolute, ETERNAL truth.

I love being a missionary. I love the fact that all my friends are  going to be missionaries. I love a family that supports me in every aspect of my mission. I love this little part of the kingdom of God called Floresta in which I get to serve. I feel loved by a Savior who bears me up and guides me in moments when I need him most. I´m so blessed!

I love you all so much!

Elder Lundberg

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