Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wellp, I Got Nothin'

The past 30 minutes have included me not being able to write to you all since the computers here are terrible and freeze up whenever I try to send photos. So sorry about that because I´d love for you all to see the pictures I´ve taken but........later on.  Anyway, it´s gonna be super short today but I´m mostly excited for this upcoming weekend. The church news should be pretty exciting, and as a missionary, general conference is like watching the Super Bowl haha! 

 This past week we found a golden investigator named Regina. She´s an older woman about in her sixties and lives with a alcoholic husband and takes care of her 7 year old grandson. She´s one of those type of Catholics that confesses whenever she misses mass on Sunday. She´s super into religion, and has a huge sentimental heart. When we first met her, I just knew she was prepared for our message of the Restored Gospel. She came to church yesterday and absolutley loved it to death. She even took notes during all three hours! Yesterday evening, we visited with her and she said "I´m not going to mass anymore. Every Sunday I´m going to be in your church." She had also read the first few pages of the Book of Mormon including the Intro, Testimony of the Three Witnesses, and so forth, wihtout us even telling her to. She loves the Book of Mormon! And also said, as if it were just the most natural thing in the world, "What a privilege it was for Joseph Smith to have such incredible revelation from the Lord." I really admire Regina because she´s super perseverant. Depsite the many problems within her family, she has an unshakeable faith in Christ. She´s basivally already a member,

So yup, That´s my little story for the week. Sorry I got cut so short!

Elder Lundberg

Three Birds with One Stone

Wow. Ok so this past week was kina great. 

First of all, at the beginning of the week I got acquainted with the richest parts of Lima. My companion´s foot has been having problems so we called the mission office and they set us up for an appointment with the foot doctor. So we took the train from Villa El Salvador to central Lima. It was weird because as we moved along the buildings, streets, and people eventually got nicer and nicer, until I eventually felt like I was in the middle of some really nice part of San Diego along the beach. It was weird seeing big cars and well dressed people, with women in their high heels and men in suits. Ha. My companion asked me if this is what the United States is like, and I just said ¨Wellp....kind of." So yeah. It was kind of like taking a mini vacation to California. It even had the smell of those pine bushes whenever we visited family in San Francisco! So that was sort of refreshing in a way.

Also, we worked all week looking forward to Saturday´s baptism. On Tuesday we did the baptismal interviews, and as David, Maria, and Luz came out smiling, I gave each one a big dulce de leche cookie. I was so proud! We visited them throughout the week to keep them excited. Saturday night, as usual, we started on the dot, Peruvian time, which means about an hour late. So at 7:57, after taking a load of pictures, we started singing the hymn, "If There´s Sunshine in Your Soul Today" with a full house of members and visitors a like supporting. Two youth gave their short messages, and then we showed a quick video of the Savior getting baptized. We waited a short time as each one entered into the baptismal font and the doors opened with the big mirror above so everybody could see. Thankfully, the chapels here are super nice (even nicer than most chapels in Utah), so we had plenty of space to work with. After David, Maria, and Fiorella (an invistigator from the other elders in the ward) were baptized, the whole room went silent as Bishop De La Cruz carried the fragile body of Luz into the font. Although fourteen years old, she has the mishapen body of about a 10 year old due to a bone growth disorder. She´s never even taken a step in her life, but that night we had the privilege of seeing her take one giant leap spiritually as she dangled helplessly above the moving water. All of us were emotionally attached to the scene, including the bishop, who began to tear up as he raised his hand and repeated the words of baptism. I think the best part was seeing Luz´ big smile while underneath the clear blue water.

Anyway, I wish you could all be part of what I get to see here in Peru! This is truely such an incredible work that cannot be stopped. Each and every day as a missionary is such a privilege, and I definitely won´t be the same Davis that left only 7 months ago. So just be prepared.

Big hug for you all!

Elder Lundberg

P.S. Congrats Jane Crofts! How cool is Taipei, Taiwan? Not as cool as Lima, Peru. But hey, that´s still pretty darn cool. Haha. I was so gald to receive your DearElder! Thank you so much for writing. It definitely made my day fer reals. I want to get your emails home while on the mish. You can send them straight to my email at, and I'll send you mine! God Speed Sister Crofts!