Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can anybody say "Temple Triiiiiiiip!!!!"?

Well, it´s been another excellent week here in Floresta! The work continues to flourish here as Elder Gutierrez and I continue in the work of the Lord. It´s kinda sad that I´ll only have my companion for two more weeks and then he´s outta here......but hey, just taking advantage of the time we have to work together.

This past week we´ve had the privilege of going to the temple as a zone. After taking a billion pictures outside before the temple session, we entered inside and to my surprise, one of the American temple workers, I forget his name, scanned my temple recommend and handed me a paper saying, "hey, if you write your mom a little note here with her number on it I´ll call her and let her know how you´re doing." I thought that would be a super great idea and so I wrote down the info and gave him a hug for such a nice offer. It sounds like it had some pretty good results : ) But hey, the mother´s day skype sesh is comin´up here pretty soon! Yay! See you guys soon! Anyway, the temple was a great time to reflect and ponder the time I´ve had as a missionary and who I want to become. I love the temple!

 As of yesterday, we currently have twelve investigators with baptismal dates. I couldn´t believe it! Because the norm is maybe 2 to 4. It just goes to show how much the Lord has blessed us these past few weeks. So I wish I could tell you about all of them but the time just doesn´t allow.

With our investigators things are really going pretty well. Remember last week when I said that I´ve never had such an easy time helping a couple get married? Well, I cursed myself because later that day we compared the Jhon´s ID card and his birth certficate only to find out that his name is spelled "Yhon" instead of "Jhon" basically, because of one SINGLE letter the Peruvian government puts up a huge fuss and they can´t get married until the documents match. But we´ve already started with getting him a new ID card and have hopes that they can still get married and baptized on the 18th. So I guess we´ll see.......the best was seeing how dedicated Jhon, or now "Yhon", was in getting it all figured out. His aunt is a member of the church in the ward, Hermana Nasaria, and is one of the strongest converts to the church I have ever seen in my life. With her helping us out with Yhon and Rosa´s marriage process, nothing, not even the Peruvian government, can stop us haha. Whenever we come back as a family to Peru to visit after the mish, Yhon and Rosa, along with their aunt Nasaria, are definitely some of the members (or future members) we´re going to visit!

We also have the Miranda family, Mary Lou (32), Jose Luis(31), Alexis(15), Amy(10), Leonardo(7), Leticia(5), and Fernanda(2). They´re a wonderful bunch and love it when we come to visit their humble house made of bricks and cardboard. On Friday we did a Family Home Evening and talked about how sacrfice brings blessings. We watched the video about John Tanner in Spanish and they were all so attentive to the lesson. Afterwards, we shared a big muffin cake that the Mission Leader, Hermano Rober, brought along. The biggest challenge is getting Jose Luis, however, to come to church. Yesterday everybody came to church except him, even though he promised he would. Alexis and Amy will be having their baptism on the 18th and this next week we´ll be having their baptismal interviews. But little by little we know this family will make a great impact in the church. They´re our next focus on getting the parents married in June.

Maria Candela and her son Edward continue to make excellent progress. I love visiting with them because she´s a hilarious lady with a great sense of humor and a huge heart as a nurse. At times she tells us about her complaints with some of her patients. Yesterday she had plans to come to church with her mom, Regina, and her son, but couldn´t because, in her own words referring to an old patient, "That old hag wouldn´t let me go to church will all her whining!" But she´s looking to find a new job to come to church on Sundays more easily and now has a baptismal date for the 8th of June. Her son has a date for the 18th of May.

Anyway, I wish I could just go on and on but that´s all the time that I have. I love you all so much and pray for you. Thank you for all your prayers in return. For all that it´s worth, just know that my testimony of the restored gospel strengthens me each day as I represent Jesus Christ, our Savior, in a very different part of the world.

See y´all on Skype!

Elder Lundberg

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