Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another week rolls on by. But not just any week!

This has been an extraordinary week! This little piece of the kingdom of God called Floresta I is definitely rolling forth! Elder Gutierrez has been a real blessing of a companion, and this whole transfer will definitely be one of the best on my mission. This is going to be a super fast six weeks. Time flies on the mission when you most enjoy it for sure. It seems like I blinked since last writing an email. Also, every FIRST week of a transfer, our P-Day is on Wednesday, and the rest are on Monday . Sorry of yall were confused by that last week.

This past week we´ve been gearing up with Regina on the Restoration. She basically taught us the lesson once again, but absolutely loves the fact that there are living prohets and the Book of Mormon. Every time we teach her I feel like she´s already a member of the church. There´s just so much understand of the truth and light within her. Elder Gutierrez was super impressed by her perseverence and faith. For the third time in a row, she came to church yesterday on the dot and took in all three hours by taking copious notes, making great commentary, and helping her tag-along grandson, Sebastian, enjoy it as well.  I can´t wait for her baptism on the 27th!

Aylin is also well on her way to the waters of baptism on the 27th. This last week we moved her baptismal date one week later just to make sure she was ready. I´m all about baptizing converts, and not about numbers. So we talked it all out with her in regards to keeping the sabbath day holy, and she came to church yesterday with a smile on her face and her Book of Mormon tucked in her arms. That makes two out of two who will be getting baptized in April!

Jhon and Rosa are getting all their documents ready this week so we can set an actual marriage and baptismal date with them. As I mentioned before, we baptized their son David in March, and he´s been helping us out in animating his parents and in setting a good example. In May we´re gonna get them hitched and dunked for sure folks! They continue coming to church as well! So that makes four out of four in the chapel yesterday so far.

We also have another new investigator, Linda, who´s a single women, about age 30. Her mom is a faithful member in the ward, and Linda previously attended church for a while but yesterday was her first time while I´v been here. The missionaries sort of taught her before, but she never really had time, even though she knows the church is true. However, we had a great lesson with her yesterday, and helped her realize the necessity of perhaps giving up her job for the gospel. In the last Ensign for this month, there´s a great article about sometimes needing to give up the good things for something better, the Lord and his kingdom. Read it! But I especially find that too be a big challenge for many here as Sunday is one of the bigger business days in Peru. Linda makes five out of five in the chapel on Sunday!

This past week we were given a reference by one of our recent converts, David, to his friend, Alexis. To my wonderful surprise, his mother is already a member, but less active since a teenager, and wants to return to the church. Her husband, son and daughter, all want to listen to us and be baptized. They have three younger kids below age seven as well who love it when we visit. Alexis and his sister Amy have baptismal dates for the fourth of May. The father, Jose Luis and Mary Lou, the mom, wish to get married but lack the funds. But there´s no one better to ask for help than the missionaries! I love finding families to teach! Unfortunately, only Alexis was able to make it to church yesterday, but I have faith that next Sunday we´ll see their seven member family in Sacrament meeting! For now, we have six out of six in church yesterday!

Last of all, we were referenced to another guy named Jean Marco, age 21. He´s an old investigator. Last Friday we had a powerful lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation. He told us that his parents died a few years ago and he now lives with his older sister, who´s a less active member of the church. But Jean Marcos is a dynamic character. He´s super chill, and plays guitar and sings in a band. But he´s well put together as a person, and has a lot of light. I felt a super strong confirmation that he´s going to be a missionary one day.

Anyway, that´s the update for the week! These people are changing my life, and I feel responsible for each and every one of them in their salvation! This is a great work! I love this gospel, and know it to be eternally true!

Love you all!

Elder Lundberg

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