Sunday, January 6, 2013

Post Christmas Energy

Ha. Well hey my good friends and dear family.

Sadly, I had to write a lengthy letter to the president today about some good ol´ Mala business, so my letter will be a little shorter this week! But no worries, errythang is doin´ just fine...........except for the darn PLAYA.

Playa, by the way, means ¨beach¨. Ooooooohhhh boy and how much do I just love the playa...................actually about zero love for the playa is goin´ on.

Anyway, this past week was a little rough. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the paneton, the chocolatada, etc. was all great and dandy. Then it all ended for summer vacation to begin! Suddenly the day after Christmas comes and everybody here apparently high tails it to the playa, members and investigators alike. All the gringos (slang for white person) and people from Lima come down South to enjoy time on the beach, and all the restaurants, hotels, etc. suddenly turn on and require literally almost every person in Mala to support all the business. So that´s the new norm, workin´at the Playa.

Depiste the setback, Elder Tohara and I, although a little discouraged at first, are still very hopeful. At the very least, our five investigators with baptismal dates in January aren´t working at the Playa! Which is a literal miracle. I´m grateful to Heavenly Father for that tender mercy.

Anyway, gottta go. I love it here and haven´t given up! Love you all!

Elder Lundberg

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