Monday, January 28, 2013

Late To The Funeral

Hey family and friends!

I hope your week went well! Because week started off with a funeral! 

On Tuesday morning we got a phone call from the Relief Society Prez, Hna. Faviola, that an older man in the branch had recently passed away. I never knew the guy because the last time he came to church was about three or four months ago. Anyway, Elder Tohara and I had a fun time cleaning up the chapel that morning. After rearranging the chapel benches with a few members who came to help, we sat......and waited until 12 noon when it was all supposed to start. But the coffin or the family hadn´t arrived. A bunch of members came dressed to attend about a half hour later and they all sat and waited with us. forward two hours later and still no coffin. Just sayin´, there´s no telling what Peruvians will be late for.So Elder Tohara and I left to go eat lunch cause we were starving and when we came back about 15 minutes later it had already started. Ahhhh......good times. It was also Elder Tohara´s first time seeing a prepared corpse so he was a little freaked out by that. But all in all, it was a good little ceremony(despite the fact that the man was two hours late to his own funeral).

I also had an interesting encounter one day as Elder Tohara and I were traveling to a meeting with some of the other missionaries in our zone when......BAM!....this lil´old Peruvian lady came stomping up to us saying ¨Elderes! Elderes!´´ It turns out the owner of the Carreta Peruvian restaurant up in Utah was on vacation in her home country and we just happened to pass by. She was so excited to see us! Haha.We conversed for a little while and she invited me to come to her restaurant after my mission. I think I´ll definitely visit in a couple years!

Yesterday we had kinda a cool experience as Elder Tohara and I went up North to a beach town, Chilca, to eat dinner with a sister named Hna. Kelly. She invited her neighbors, David and Lula, over to her house as well  to eat with us so we could teach them. They had expressed previous interest in the church so it was exciting for Elder Tohara and I to find a new investigator family. Apparently, David attended the deacons quorum for a year as a kid but never got baptized. Also, both of Lula´s brother´s were baptized in the church but she never listened to the misisonaries. After teaching them about the restoration we challenged them to pray whether these things are true or not. David piped in and said ¨I´ve already received my answer and I know this church is true. So that was convenient. They´ll probably be getting baptized in February!

So that´s it folks! Love ya!

Elder Lundberg

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