Sunday, July 21, 2013

Don`t know how to say this but......but........

There`s nothing really all that shocking to talk about this week. However, I continue to work hard with my good ol` companion named Elder Borda! Also, Happy Birthday Dad!!!! How old are you?Haha. I always remember the question we asked as bratty little kids, "Dad, what were the dinosaurs like?" Thanks for sending me the photo of your ziplining adventures with the fam! Also, the President changed internet time back to an hour letters won`t be as long again.........Oh well.

It was an interesting week in that not much happened that`s new, but we continue working with several old, and a few newer investigators.

Lucero had her baptismal date for the 8th, but after some consideration, and worry on her and our part, we all felt like it would be a good idea to give her one more week to prepare for the 15th. In the end, it was an inspired idea, and she`s excited for the occasion at 7pm (Peruvian time: 8pm), this coming Saturday! She has a family with a sizable group of "Piranhas" which is a term here for lazy bums who play soccer all day, do drugs, and rob at night. So in the end her family likes to make fun of her and tease that she`s going to church and such. Lucero, not being so confident in herself, sort of slipped into feeling dicouraged, but with the love and encouragement of some neighbor friends, the Nieves family, we helped her forget what her family says, and obey what the Lord says! 

Luis Urbina has shown a lot of interest in the church lately, and always greets us with a firm handshake and never fails an appointment. The awesome thing is that his oldest brother, Andres, who is the only one left who doesn`t have a goal for baptism, is starting to listen to us again, and take more interest in the gospel. Soon enough he`ll have a baptismal date as well, but the thing is getting him to shed his "Piranha" costume and cut his Jedi braid haha. The amazing thing is seeing how the Urbina family has developed since I arrived in Floresta, and the change has been tremendous up until now that almost the whole family will baptized on the 22nd!

As always, we`re experiencing diffuculty in trying to get the Miranda family married. The only thing is the birth certificate of Marilu has been hard to find since her sister who lives close to her birth place doesn`t want to help Marilu get married. So anyway, we`re searching other options through the mission office and ward counsel. Just help us out by praying that we can get the document in time for the deadline to enter the mass marriage!!!! But it was a miracle this past Sunday because Jose Luis came to church without his future spouse and enjoyed it!!! We had trouble getting him to follow through with his church attendance commitments, but after fasting, he came!!!!! It was basically the greatest thing ever.

We also talked with our dear Lucia yesterday in a member home, and she basically told us she`s determined to get baptized, but for some reason didn`t want to put a date on it. However, this Thursday we have a visit with her and she let us know that she would have the day decided by then, she was thinking around July 6th. It`s kind of interesting seeing an investigator wanting to take all the iniciative in deciding to be baptized, but she really shows her desire to follow God in her personal prayer and revelation. She reads her Book of Mormon every day when she takes the train to her work, and love it. Much of her behavior reminds me of Regina doing and saying the same things. By the way, Regina continues to be a rock solid Relief Society Counselor.

Anyway, that`s what`s up with me this week. I`m grateful to see y`all wrote me this week. I`ll be printing and reading all the letters this week. I love you all so much and think of you often. Continue forward as always!

Elder Lundberg

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