Monday, March 18, 2013

A Fast Movin' World

Hello Gringos,

I feel like things are happening so fast in the world today. Last Wednesday I had a division with my district leader, Elder Lawry, another fellow Gringo. We were sitting in a restaurant eating lunch and listening to the news about the new pope, and whattya know, he´s Argentine. (Argentinian?) So that's cool that he's from South America and totally a Jesuit too. I really hope he can influence the Catholic church to help out in this fight against immorality cause. So if Pope Francis can help us out that would be great! He was definitley all over the news here. 

Everything is doing pretty darn great! This next Saturday we have a baptism for three: David, Luz, and Maria. And with the other companionship in the ward we´ll actually have four baptisms. The ward is super excited and both the young womens and young mens programs are planning something special for the occasion. 

Last night we had a lesson with the parents of David, Jhon and Rosa. We challenged them both to marriage and to baptism, and they accepted! I was so excited for them and their marriage date is set for the 26th of April, and their baptism the following day, on the 27th. Ealier that morning Elder Apagueno and I did a practice for the lesson which really helped us how we would help them accept the invitation later that night. The lesson went so smoothly. We had the bishop´s wife, Fanny, and Brother Julio accompany us, and they both bore wonderful testimony of this gospel. Jhon is super ready to make a change, but with Rosa it´s been a little more challenging with her Evangelical background. However, she opened her heart and at the end I bore my testimony while looking straight into her eyes. I don´t know but something changed inside her, and now she wears a big grin whenever she sees us. This family is GOING to change. That´s just what this gospel does you know.

We´re also working with a less active family, the Cabreras. They have a lot of challenges in their home, but Elder Apagueno and I have really been able to get inside their hearts. We found little precious Iven, age 8, to help her get baptized as a written child in the church records. We saw her as the opportunity to open the heart of her grandfather, Jose, who´s had about five thousand elders try and get him to accept baptism (or something around that number). He´s the only one in the family who´s not a member and we know that if he gets baptized, he´ll be super loyal and his family will become a great strength to the ward. This last Saturday we held Iven´s baptism, and her uncle did the baptism. The whole family came out, shed tears during the service, and now we´re doing a FHE with them tonight. So yup. I love this family.

Anyway, my times up. I love you all. Really, Just stay strong. We do not need more people falling away from the gospel, but coming towards it in a time when the world is moving faster and faster every day. Have a great week!

Elder Lundberg

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