Monday, February 25, 2013

When love is in the air...

Ahhhhh, this past week has been exciting, hilarious, tough, amorous, and spiritual all at the same time. Haha for some reason the word "amorous" makes me laugh so hard. Well anyway, to make things short we've had a marriage, a birthday, a carnaval, a baptism, and many crazy things this past week. Woof. Probably won't have time to tell it all but here we go....

Last Thursday evening at about 5 o' clock we hopped into the second counselor's van with our nifty little suits and matching blue ties with one purpose: MARRIAGE. Ha. The fantastic little groom, Lucio, was waiting for us as we pulled up in front of his house and helped him finish getting dressed. After picking him up and several of his family members we headed over to the beach about 20 minutes away where the mass marriage ceremony was held. After waiting for a good hour, the bride, Mercedes, showed up in a different car with her veil and white dress right as the sunset hit the ocean water. I couldn't believe how miraculous these people are because after thirty years of just living together, you could see the love in their eyes that they had for each other as Lucio walked up to his bride, and how nervous they both felt for such a big moment in their lives and in the lives of their family. After the ceremony, and the words "you are all officially married" we high tailied it out of there to the chapel, where the members in the branch put together a big surprise with cake, dinner, and dancing. As missionaries, we got to listen from the third floor as we tried to sleep through the loud music and dancing until about 12 am. Ha. But we were so happy and so satisfied with the results of our day.On Saturday we held their baptism. Interestingly, nobody showed up because a bunch of people got sick from the food at the marriage ceremony, except the missionaries, the branch president and his wife, and the baptismal candidates! Haha. But the Spirit was so strong, and I know that Mercedes and Lucio will be a permanent and faithful addition to the Mala Branch of Peru. I feel so blessed to be their missionary because in one year, I can be part of their sealing in the Lima temple!

Friday night was absolutely crazy. We had our Noche Misional out in the Plaza in front of the chapel and it was absolutely insane with attendance, food, and about a thousand water balloons! The members are really becoming excited and with our recent effort in the Branch Mission Plan, our Branch missionaries are really helping us out in the activties. Lets just say I got soaked and covered in flour while wearing my white shirt and tie by the end of the night. Oh. And one kid vomited on Elder Luque after winning the mango eating contest.

Anyway, sorry the letter is a little short this week but This next Saturday is the baptism of Delicia, Laura, and Keysi! It will definitley be a special day. The mission work, at times, is hard to keep up with. Ahh! I love it. It's definitely how it should be!

Love you!

Elder Lundberg

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