Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elder Lundberg's First Few Days

So far everything is going swimmingly. It has been really crazy too. Apparently, they try to pack a weeks worth of activity for incoming missionaries into four days. Everyone here tells me "Just wait until Sunday. It gets better after Sunday." So I guess we'll see! The first night here I had insomnia and only had three hours of sleep, but the past two nights I've slept like a baby because we can't help but be exhausted at the end of the day. It's really nice to be working hard and staying constantly busy again!

The spirit here at the MTC is amazing! As my Branch presidency has pointed out, there is not other place on earth that has the same kind of feeling that we do here at the MTC and at other MTC's around the world. I can definitely feel the Holy Ghost everywhere I go because we're all striving together to gain testimonies, love our companions and districts, and to be strictly obedient to the mission. Speaking of companions, I've actually been paired with two other elders instead of one. Everyone calls us "the Trio". Their names are Elder Griffiths and Elder Snyder. Both of them are really great missionaries! Although it's a little different with two other elders to watch over instead of just one, we're getting along really well! Elder Griffiths has been called to be District Leader and I've been assigned to be the Senior Companion for our little group. We have a bit of an awkward power struggle that way, but Elder Griffiths has promised to let me lead above him in all matters regarding the companionship and other responsibilities of my assignment. He is a great example to me of exact obedience and diligence in the work. Elder Snyder is really great too, and he loves to have fun, especially at gym time. He's also a great example to me as we work together in learning Spanish and performing our duties each day. I love them both and can't wait to get to know them better over the coming weeks.

Speaking of Spanish, I'm feeling like I have a really great hold on listening and understanding, and my biggest hurtle is just speaking fluently. However, I will say that I may have a chance to move up to the Advanced group because I'm not feeling very challenged as of yet in my language classes. But mostly native speakers are in the advanced group, and that kind of freaks me out because I definitely can't speak as well as they do. I'm trying my best to study with the Spirit as I meet the challenges that lie before me. I trust that the Lord will be my guide throughout these experiences. 

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